Thy Kingdom Come

For anyone who may be interested, I am currently writing an alternate history novel. It’s called ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ pretty much officially now…

It’s based on the idea of a female-dominated monarchy contrasting to the real historical world of women being owned, Henry VIII’s quest for a son etc. I suppose I had no real aims with this book except to amuse myself and to give myself a ‘what if..?’ to think about and play around with. And eventually, a plot formed.

It follows a family in the royal-circle in the 16th Century, especially focusing on one girl, who through a series of events in the Monarchy finds herself heiress to the throne. The book follows her life from the age of seven to when she takes the throne. There is also quite a twist taken from the absolute authority and power stressed at the start of the novel with a Charles I-like situation that originated completely out of scandal, murder and a little help from a character who I losely base on Jane Boleyn at that particular stage of the book.

I’ve been writing it for about six months now and have really enjoyed it. It’s just over 85000 words now with still quite a considerable amount of plot to write, so I’m hoping it will turn out alright. Hopefully…



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5 responses to “Thy Kingdom Come

  1. Tanya Singh

    Well done Bethany, keep it up xxx
    your blog is amazing and I can tell you’ve put a lot of effort into it :]
    good luck on your novel, I wish you the best of luck 🙂


  2. Thank you so much, Tanya xx
    bethiee 🙂 xxxx

    • Tanya Singh

      I shall be the first to read your novel 😉
      Well done xxxx
      *big warm hugss*
      ~ tanyaa

      • Hehe… A few people have read old part 1, but I’m rewriting that because it is seriously AWFUL, so I’ll let you read the revised Part 1 first 😉 And most have read the Prologue and I’m quite happy with that, so I’ll let you read that if you like 🙂
        bethiee xxxxx

      • Tanya Singh

        seriously? would you actually let me read it? OMGOSSHHH THANKYOUU 😉 i can’t wait!! xxx
        i know it will be amazingg, like you xx

        ~tanya 🙂

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