Thank you.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to view my blog, expecially a certain someone who knows who she is..

It is really appreciated and to say thanks, here’s the Prologue to Thy Kingdom Come. I hope you enjoy it- it’s only short but gives a slightly better idea of the book. It’s a bit of a mess as I haven’t really spent that much time editing, so sorry for that.


I always loved the rain. As a child I’d often sit outside in thunderstorms and just watch. Nobody ever noticed me- everyone was sheltered inside from the wet and the cold. I was never missed either-  after the first few weeks of the rain season, they always knew where I was. Later, I would enter sodden, but with a huge smile, which was the key to stopping any punishment.

The sound of the rain, and an excuse not to study, was a beautiful experience. I would think clearer alone, and I would have freedom from the outside world. When I first discovered the joys of raindrops, I would run through fields and pick flowers. However, as I got older, I found that something else gave me pleasure: I’d sit- just watching- nothing else.

So, after my early love of rain, it seemed a great coincidence, so right- and almost joyful, that, on this day it should rain.

I am standing on the brink of my destiny, and something I’ve known would happen for all my life. It is what I want, this day. So, as I would prefer and wish to happen, it rains. Just as it had done at my wedding, the birth of my first child , as well as the day I succeeded.

The rain is a joy to me- it helps me think. Although it is good in my mind for the rain to come, it is perhaps not the wish of the people of my new country, for the Ladies and Lords that are here today, for I know not all like the rain, as I do, and would much prefer the sunshine.

Just for a moment- I think. Just as the rain always made me. I think of what it would be like to be one of the people in the crowd. I think of what it would feel like to know you have a new Queen- and that she is to rule what happens in your life, and what happens to your country. I think of what they must feel like, the throne and crown of England being passed, and a new Queen being crowned. And yet, on such an important day- it rains.

For a second I long for a normal life, and to be sat in that crowd, and to have the freedom to think of the new Queen of England as I would wish to, and to be relieved of any great pressure or power.

Then, I flash back to reality, and see that this day is my destiny, and something that I’ve wanted for the whole of my life. I know that I must be the new Queen of England, so I face the crowds and the brink of my highest supremacy.

Soon, very soon, I shall own England.

It is raining- it must be a good day for us all. I was born to become Queen of England, and here I am. I am almost a Queen- I already have my heir and King; I am educated to do my job well; and yet this day has come so very fast. But now, just hours from sitting on my throne properly, after all of these troubles- I know that my position is safe. With an heir and powerful King, as well as a ready mind, there is no risk of any civil war to spoil this day.

I am safe from threats, my position secure, and in a few short hours- England will be mine.

And not even the past can take that away. 



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8 responses to “Thank you.

  1. loz

    hi bc love it read cant stop reading it
    best ever

  2. Tanya Singh

    It is truly amazing, beth x
    You deserve it 😉
    Well done xxxxxxxxxx

    ~ tanya 😀

  3. harpz

    another great piece of writing wifey xxxxxxxxxxx ❤ 😀

  4. anneka (:

    well done bethany this is amazing!! i can’t wait for your next blog hehe(: xxxx

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