The Tudors- Season 4

I know this was on Saturday, but I’m still really excited about it! For those who follow Showtime’s The Tudors you will know that we saw the season finale with the death of Henry VIII on Saturday (for those in the UK) and I just thought I’d post about the series. Season 4 is the only one I’ve watched through so I’m not 100% sure about it…

I’m in two minds about The Tudors. I think that the characterisations were rather accurate mostly but there were some slip ups. I know many people ignore the show because they hear of the BIG inaccuracies but there are some quite surprisingly accurate details. I know the costume really isn’t at all suitable to the era but there is no denying that it is completely beautiful… Also, I think it does inspire people to find out more about Henry and his Six Wives. So, I’m really not that sure.

When watching series 4 I noticed that the characterisation of Kitty Howard was particularly bad. I don’t imagine Kitty as being quite that silly or frivolous.  I didn’t like her being so bitchy to the Lady Mary either. I don’t think that would really be allowed to happen in the public eye. However, when it came to her downfall and execution I was shocked at how accurate it actually was. For example, Cranmer did pass Henry a note with the charges against Katheryn on the All Souls’ Day Mass, many of Katheryn’s servants and Derham were taken to the Tower together for questioning, Dereham was tortured before confessing and named Culpepper as his successor in the Queen’s affections, Kitty was dragged back along the ‘Haunted Gallery’ at Hampton Court screaming that she wanted to see Henry and she was then placed under house arrest at Syon Abbey/House. Katheryn did become hysterical and when Cramner questioned her he did offered her the easy way out of simply annulling the marriage after admitting the precontract and being sent into exile. She refused this and did tell her questioner that Dereham had in fact raped her. Dereham and Culpepper were both executed whilst Kitty was still in Syon House. She then did find a sense of maturity and sat in rest at the House. All of which was in The Tudors… They then let themselves down with the execution scene itself… Kitty was executed before Lady Rochford, in fact they weren’t even on the scaffold at the same time… Kitty did not ever say ‘I die a Queen, but would rather die the wife of Culpepper.’ But then again, it’s fiction. We’ve got to allow it some liberties I suppose.

Okay, do I admit to getting very excited when the last episode came on and was actually quite disappointed to find that I’d already watched half of it… (I blame YouTube…) I did enjoy it though, even if it was a bit brief. I’m really not sure about The Tudors. I watch it and enjoy it, but I do often find myself screaming at the TV when there is a really obvious inaccuracy.

Any opinions?

Anyway, here’s a fan video I like from YouTube using clips from all four seasons.


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