Thy Kingdom Come

For those who don’t know, Thy Kingdom Come is the present name for my alternate history novel which explores the idea of a female-dominated England. To set the scene slightly here is an extract from Part 1. It is a flashback to the moment the first queen took her crown. The book is actually set three-hundred years later when the crown falls into turmoil…  It’s only short, but I hope you enjoy anyway!

In the battlefield the final King of England knew his time had passed. He had exploited his female citizens for far too long and this was how he would be repaid. It wasn’t an ideal way to lose his throne, but there were certainly worse ways to die. The women were armed and marching towards him; the leader of them was his own cousin. She had taken his army through her charm and beauty, and now she would take his throne and life. He took one last look at his army, scattered throughout the new Queen’s ladies and foreign armies. He bent his head down in prayer and waited for the final blow to come. And so his reign ended, along with the male dominated England.

“Your King is dead,” announced the  winner of the battle. “I shall give you two options now: join me, or prepare to lose your heads also.”



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7 responses to “Thy Kingdom Come

  1. Tanya Singh

    I am starstruck *.*
    That was amazzzinnggg :] cannot wait to read the whole book 😉
    well done and keep it up!!

  2. CaseyLettX

    I DIDNT READ IT CUZ IM LAZY MWAHHAA. but very good bethany, this is amazing you history geeeek (; xxxxxx

  3. harpz

    beautiful piece of writing xxxxxxx ❤ 🙂

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