Just how easy is it to be maligned by history?

Okay, so many of you will know I like to defend women who are often, in my opinion at least, misrepresented by popular culture and seem in the wrong light by the average person today.

I’m going to fire a few names at you and if you would be so kind I’d really appreciate it if you commented the first word or phrase that comes to your mind when you read it. I’ll do a follow up post soon with any comments to see what’s true and what’s not.

So here goes and a HUGE thank you to anyone who comments. (And I’ll use numbers so you don’t have to bother writing out their names)

1. Marie Antoinette

2. Katherine of Aragon

3. Kateryn Howard

4. Jane Seymour

5. Margaret Beaufort

6. Elizabeth Wydvillie

7. Anne Boleyn

8. Elizabeth I

9. Lady Jane Grey

10. Mary, Queen of Scots

11. Mary I

12. Anne of Cleves

13. Katherine Parr

14. Elizabeth of York

15. Catherine de’ Medici

Thank you to anyone who replies!



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22 responses to “Just how easy is it to be maligned by history?

  1. Beckyy

    1. spent ridiculaous amounts of money on gambling
    2. One of henrys wives and had a strong character
    3. another one of the wives and was anne bolyns cousin
    4.another wife and she was number 3
    5.i think she became the countess of richmond and derby
    6.born in 1437 i think
    7.think she had 6 fingers on one hand
    8. she almost died of smal pox in 1562
    9.no idea who she is sorry
    10. she was crowned in 1543
    11. no idea sorry
    12. another borin wife of henry
    13. another wife? i think and oh was there 3 catherines??
    14,and again no idea
    15,havent got a clue sorry
    hope my complete lack of knowledge helped bethany x

  2. Tanya Singh

    1. excesses in spending and frivolousness
    2. tragic pregnancy incidents
    3. henry’s ‘rose without a thorn’ πŸ˜‰
    4. hard working, caring lady
    5. henry viii’s granny
    6. the slandered queen
    7. had 6 fingers in one hand
    8. died of blood poisoning :\
    9. the nine day queen
    10. mary i’s cousin, i think
    11. bloody mary πŸ˜‰
    12. apparently smelly and ugly
    13. surviving wife of henry viii
    14. no idea :/ sorry
    15. never heard of her.. sorry 😦


  3. Alice Thompson

    1. spent lots and lots of money
    2. Henry’s ex wife
    3. Anne Bolyns cousin
    4. Lady who cares / caring
    5. Hanry VIII’s gran
    6. I think she was born in 1438
    7. Was married to Henry VIII
    8. Died of poisoning (blood I think)
    9. Haven’t heard of her before
    10. Crowned queen in 1543 I think
    11. Bloody mary
    12. Another wife of Henry
    13. Another wife ” ”
    14. Don’t know sorry
    15. Haven’t heard of Catherine ” ”
    Bethie, this is quite fun actually. I enjoyed this x

    • Glad you enjoyed πŸ™‚
      Thanks so much for repling- I haven’t got many though i’ve had about 20 views on the page… hmmm….
      Please help me spread the word because i’m really curious about this and my views are low!! xxxx

  4. Clare Hancock

    1. Young bride, spent lots of money
    2. Devout Catholic
    3. Flirty young girl, who liked fashion and to have fun
    4. Quiet shy lady
    5. Henry VIII grandmother?
    6. Henry VIII mother?
    7. Henry VIII second wife who was found guilty of treason, witchcraft, adultery and incest and was sentanced to death
    8. Daughter of Anne Boleyn, one of the great queens on England, ruled for over 50 years
    9. The 9 day Queen
    10. Elizabeth I,Scotish/French cousin, kept imprisoned for many years and then was beheaded
    11. Bloody Mary, burned many Protestants at the stake
    12. “The Kings Dear Sister” & “Flanders Mare”
    13. The wife that outlived Henry VIII
    14. dont know
    15. dont know

  5. I’m going to post the stereotype I associate with each name plus what comes into my own head when I hear the name:-

    1. Marie Antoinette – Didn’t she say something about cake and wasn’t she a nymphomaniac? Victim of a sham trial.

    2. Katherine of Aragon – The boring wife. A woman of faith and with an amazing strength of character.

    3. Kateryn Howard – Tart. A young woman who had no idea of what she was getting into.

    4. Jane Seymour – Either the boring meek and mild one or the woman who trapped Henry and played games. A woman who made the best of the situation and tried to bring Henry stability.

    5. Margaret Beaufort – An overbearing woman and the mother-in-law from Hell. A strong woman with an incredibly strong will.

    6. Elizabeth Wydvillie – Witch, seductress. Wife of Edward IV who tried desperately to protect her family after his death.

    7. Anne Boleyn – Six fingered witch and whore. A misunderstood and maligned queen with strength, courage, wit, magnetism and faith.

    8. Elizabeth I – Virgin Queen and Gloriana. A woman who put her country first.

    9. Lady Jane Grey – Tragic victim. Still a tragic victim but one who was prepared to fight for her crown.

    10. Mary, Queen of Scots – The foolish one who plotted. A woman who followed her heart and who had a weakness for bad boys!

    11. Mary I – Bloody Mary. A woman who was psychologically damaged but who paved the way for Elizabeth’s reign and was a strong queen.

    12. Anne of Cleves – Flanders Mare. A pragmatist who made the best of her situation.

    13. Katherine Parr – Old nursemaid. An incredibly intelligent woman and published author who was clever enough to survive a plot against her. A good mother to her stepchildren.

    14. Elizabeth of York – The Queen of Hearts. A good woman, queen and mother.

    15. Catherine de’ Medici – I don’t know much about her I’m afraid. She’s one I’ve never really researched.

  6. harpz

    1. french queen who wore purple shoes at her execution
    2.henry viii’s first wife
    3.henry’s last wife
    4.buried besides henry viii because she gave birth to the heir to the throne
    5.the red queen!
    6.the white queen!
    7.henry viii’s second wife and one of your favourite people!
    8. greatest monarch ever-the golden age of britian
    9.was supposed to rule after edward vii and was executed by queen mary
    10.elizabeth 1’s cousin
    11. elizabeth 1’s sister
    12.henrys wife who he divorced because she was ugly
    13.another of henry viii’s wives
    14. the white princess
    15. dont know but is she related to the posh guy on the cbbc programme leonardo?
    hope this is useful love you xxxxxxxxx πŸ˜€

  7. Shirley

    1. a queen from years ago
    2. Henry VIII’s wife. Mother of Mary I
    3. Giggling and immature one on The Tudors
    4. Mother of Edward. Died.
    5. who’s that?
    6. who’s that?
    7. Love of Henry’s life and mother of Elizabeth. Clever.
    8. Very powerful Queen. Proved women can rule.
    9. Reigned a few days.
    10. Queen of Scots that was locked in a Tower. Elizabeth’s rival.
    11. Don’t know
    12. Henry conned into marrying her. Never really liked her.
    13. Outlived Henry
    14. Is that our Queen now?
    15. Never heard of her.

  8. Andy

    1. Beautiful name
    2. Divorced, beheaded, died!!
    3. Beautiful
    4. Good actress
    5. Don’t know
    6. Don’t know
    7. feel sorry for her.
    8. Virtuous
    9. Nine day Queen
    10. Fiesty
    11. Elegant
    12. Unlucky
    13. Had the worst of Henry
    14. Influential
    15. Never heard of her?

  9. 1. money
    2. herry viii
    4. eddie
    5. not a clue
    6. not a clue
    8. red head
    9. not a clue
    10. bloody
    11. not a clue
    14.not a clue
    15. not a clue

  10. Becs xx

    I’m sorry Bethiee (for being myself i.e. unable to resist this chance of humour)…I can only comment on the first (Marie Antoinette) and my thoughts are very much how sorry i are for her, because she has such a failure of a person (i.e wghs ‘scrooge’ *codename*) attempting to coppy her hair style and failing dearly in the process…i’m sorry…blame the boring maths homework for cluttering ur blog wiv inapropriate comments – i needed to quench my boredom…

    • You do realise that you posted this using the school email don’t you??
      I know you can’t resist the comedy value and I’ll forgive you for now.
      And I#m starting the follow-up so any proper comments aren’t really necessary now… I shed a tear or two for Marie, but never for the reason of scrooge’s wig… Don’t blame maths, blame sand.

      • Becs xx

        yh…i no its scool email…and it’s deffo sands fault and ofcourse scrooge herselfs…

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