Just a quote…

I was just flicking through my laptop and found this saved under ‘Just a quote’…

Not a crime was ever fastened upon her, while all her judges perished as villains. Yet no other woman has evoked the unanimous resentment of a nation. She was a good wife and a loving mother. She looked on the bright side of life. She was beautiful, and seemed born to bring joy into the world. Yet her mere existence set fiercely ablaze the smouldering wickedness of mankind.

She is generally considered to have touched more keys on the gamut of human feeling, through experience, than any other person of whom we have complete accounts….And if there be a measure of justice prepared for those who go beyond this world, it cannot be amiss in us to shed a tear for her, to bless her brave, beleaguered heart, to blush for human cruelty, -and pray that none so good again shall raise so many foes.


If I’m honest, I haven’t the foggiest where I found this quote from or even why it’s saved on my laptop, but it touched me so I thought I’d share it.

I’m quite sure about who it’s about, but I’ll leave that one for you to think about…



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3 responses to “Just a quote…

  1. I can’t seem to look at this page from my smartphone!!!

    • Sorry about that! It doesn’t come up very well on my iPod either! Maybe at the bottom of the page it might say ‘view regular site’ or something like that? I’m not too sure if I’m honest. Sorry I couldn’t help!

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