Thy Kingdom Come

I know I promised this a very long time ago, but here’s a snippet from part one for you as a small thank you for viewing my blog! It’s very much appreciated. It’s real bad, but I think it gives a slightly better taste of some more characters rather than the overall atmosphere… But here goes anyway…

   “I have complete trust in you,” she corrected me with a grin. “Surely you’ve learnt of that by now? I tell you, it is merely the wifely submission that I’m not supposed to show to you. Oh how our ancestors would cringe at us!”

   I laughed, indulging in her image. For both of us I think there had always been a sense of absolute devotion, so contradictory to the customs of our day. Even in our years of supposed maturity we are still the young and controversial couple causing ripples of gossip. I don not think it ever concerns either of us of how it could play to our disadvantage later in life. We are never frivolous or extravagant, merely ourselves and making do with life as we like to know it. My health, which still haunts my mind, I cast away. I need not fret. Life had been beyond my expectations so far and one inconvenience seems a mere trifle in comparison to the happiness I behold in my wedded bliss. We cannot live like this forever for the sake of our children’s education as to the coming of their kingdoms. But for now happiness is ours and as long as we remain together now  I heartily believe that everything is jovial in the world.

 Unfortunately, things don’t go all that well from around here. But it puts two characters into play for you before the main plot really starts. Hope you enjoyed!

(Sorry I used the quote thing. For some reason WordPress doesn’t want to play double spaces between lines!)



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7 responses to “Thy Kingdom Come

  1. Tanya Singh

    wow *.* an applause from me!!
    that was INCREDIBLE! ❤ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Well done, cannot wait to read more 😉
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thank you 😀 <33 xxxxxxxxxx
      Sorry it starts at such a random place! I couldn't really include the speech before because then the rest of it wouldn't make sense! xxxxxxxx

  2. hi bb its lovly i would love to read the rest

  3. Sophie Osborne

    Love it!! Have ot see more at some point, BRING IT ON MONDAY AND I DON’T CARE IF IT IS NOT FINISHED!!!!!! I WANT TO READ IT!!!!!

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