Thank you!

Yesterday, Women of History reached view 1000 and today comment 100!

I am grateful to every one of you who has viewed, commented and read my blog and am feeling incredibly lucky to have reached this great milestone! A HUGE thank you to you all. It really is much appreciated.

Quickly, I must express my gratitude to Tanya S (watch out- her comments are everywhere) for sharing this blog amongst friends and giving me so much encouragement and support. Her effort in helping out has been truly valuable.

Now this is where I get everyone involved in celebrations (trust me- I am so excited). If anyone has any suggestions (without reason!) of things that you might like me to post or do that would make you happy and help me celebrate please do comment with suggestions.

I really cannot thank you all enough in words so please do tell me how! I could do a special post or add a page or something or if you know me I’m sure you can think of something creative out of cyberspace as well!

Thank you again, Bethany.

PS. I hold nothing against people who I don’t actually know being on here and contributing to discussion. Just because it’s mainly friends that comment does not mean that you can’t get involved! Anyone’s welcome as long as you follow the basic rules of safety and politeness online… Any rude comments and I will be your greatest enemy forever and treat you to a rant. But hey, if you’ve got something to say please don’t refrain from saying it! I love to get everyone involved!

And thanks again!



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4 responses to “Thank you!

  1. Tanya Singh

    well done bethany!
    i am so happy for you, this is a great, successful website – like you!!
    keep up the FANTASTIC work 😉


  2. I find your blog very interesting & I enjoyed your comments on my recent FP post re: the Royal Wedding.

    Stunning photos as well … congrats on the milestones. Don’t blink, you’re sure to double that shortly 🙂 Cheers! MJ

    • Thank you so much! I really do feel honoured to have you comment on here. Brilliant how you got a FP post- I’m pleased for you! I think your Royal Wedding post has the most comments I’ve ever seen on one post! Thanks for stopping by! Bethany 🙂

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