New Hobby and Reminder…

I admit, I was bored and looking at Deridolls and was inspired. So I spent a few hours making my own little Renaissance doll…

I know she’s not a patch on a Deridoll but I really did enjoy making her. She really is quite adorable and I must admit I love her despite the awful sewing. If anyone particularly wants a handmade doll based on a portrait but doesn’t mind if it’s a little dodgy then hey, I’m here and willing. She’s made from completely recycled materials for you eco-friendly people out there.

Anyway, I don’t like to nag but I’m becoming a little concerned about commenting on here. I like people to comment but PLEASE nothing that will offend anyone else. I want to keep by blog friendly! A quick reminder of the rule-book:

-No offensive comments, swearing, racism, etc.

-If you’re not interested- leave

-Think before you say ANYTHING

-Debate, not argue!

-I know it’s a basic one, but people forget. DON’T SHARE ANY PERSONAL DETAILS!

-Follow the rules!

It’s pretty simple really. So please help me out here- follow the basic rules and keep the blog happy! Thank you!



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9 responses to “New Hobby and Reminder…

  1. tanyaa x

    hahaaa x
    a great new hobby 😉

  2. Becs xx

    Oh… Bethiee…heyy…luv v doll…precise our most valuable friend (or do i mean fiend) would be so proud. No offence but i fink it rather looks kinda like her herself. xx
    p.s as u can see i am still ridiculously mature about vis…well…for ur sake i hope i grow up sumday…well actually if i was mature i think i may not be able to carry on wiv life i may just die of boredom… sorry maths hmwk again…x

    • Yes, I think that precise would be sehr proud of me 😉
      My dolly so doesn’t look like her though~ she’s beautiful and doesn’t have blonde, kurze, flufffige hairs -.-
      Maths homework really is damaging your brain… School nurse tomorrow?? xxxxx

  3. Deri

    =) My first works weren’t any better. In fact, they may have been a lot worse! =D
    Glad to have inspired you to pick up this new hobby! Looking forward to see more and feel free to contact me if you’d ever need any pointers.

    • Hello! Thank you so much for commenting on here! I adore your dolls, the only problem being that I’m a really strict veggie so can’t have felt. Very annoying sometimes! 😀

      • Deri

        My pleasure! 🙂
        Most of my felt stash has never seen a sheep. 🙂 It’s mainly poly or cotton felt.
        If you’d ever like a doll of your own, just let me know and I’ll check if any of the needed colours has wool in its content.

      • Brilliant! Thanks so much for that. It’s my b’day in a few weeks and I’ve introduced my parents to your dolls… so maybe?? 🙂 Sorry I’m so awkward 😉
        (I don’t know where this will come up! I couldn’t reply to your last comment for some reason…:))

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