Queen Anne Boleyn

Today we remember Queen Anne Boleyn as we mark the 475th anniversary of her death. No one knows the date of her birth so on the anniversary of her death I like to celebrate her life as well as mourn her death. Here are two things I’ve done this week (known as ‘Anne Boleyn week’ to some of us):

Here’s a sketch I did of Anne, the fauvist version of it (unfinished!) and my B-necklace which came on 17th and is part of my birthday present for this year… (Sorry- I really can’t work out how to get these picture to come up the way I want and I’ve got revision to do!)



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4 responses to “Queen Anne Boleyn

  1. tanyaa x

    oh wow *>*
    those sketches are amazing :O;)
    and the necklace is beautifulllll ❤

    good for you beth! 🙂

  2. harpz

    u are sehr talentiert and should have shown them to mrs arrowsmith… 🙂 xxxxx

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