A Brief Timeline of Joan of Arc

I noticed this morning checking today’s events that there are many ‘on-this-day’s regarding Joan. So here is a very brief timeline of her life.

1412 (probably January 6): Joan is born in a small town in the Champagne region of France, Domremy.

1422: In quick succession of each other Henry V of England and Charles VI of France die. In was agreed in a treaty signed in 1420 that declared Charles’ son illegitimate, married his daughter Catherine of Valois to Henry of England and stated Henry as his successor. Henry V’s young son, Henry VI of England, takes both thrones with John, Duke of Bedford, as regent.

1424 (Summer): Joan first starts to see visions, one of which she identified as Saint Michael, Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret and claimed that they had told her to drive the English from France and to take the Dauphin to Rheims for his coronation.

1428: Joan went to Vaucouleurs to petition the garrison commander, Count Robert de Baudricourt, for permission to visit the Royal Court at Chinon. She received a sarcastic response.

1429: In a second meeting she made a remarkable prediction about a military reversal near Orleans. Her prediction was soon proved correct and de Baudricourt allowed her an escort to Chinon. Joan met with the Dauphin at Chinon on March 6. She is allowed to lead an army in the dress of a knight. The siege of Orleans was finally lifted on May 6. There followed another series of battles. On July 17 the Dauphin was crowned Charles VII of France at Rheims. However, on September 8 she was injured in a failed attack on Paris.

1430: On May 23 she was arrested by Burgundians at Compiegne and sold to the English.

1431: On January 9 her trial on began on various charges in Rouen. On February 21 there was the first public trial in front of a court. The trial sessions moved to prison on March 10. On May 9, Joan was threatened with torture. On May 28, Joan ‘relapses’ by dressing in men’s clothes and admitting that she was once again in communication with the voices since her abjuration and rejection of them on 24. This gave an excuse for a change of heresy. On May 30 she was burnt at the stake.

That means that today is the anniversary of her capture by the Burgundians. I really need to look into this girl properly one day… I’ve only done the major events of her life.


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