Are we forgetting the past?

This is something that’s been bugging me personally for the past few weeks and I just have to make this point. Really, how many of us are prepared to put the people of the past first or even takes events and people of the past seriously at all?

The amount of people I’ve seen messing about and refusing to work when the aim of the lesson was studying the Holocaust or sniggering when they hear of some of the traumatic details of the personal lives of various characters.

Somehow, I think we need to find more respect for the past. It’s a fact that one day the present and future will be the past too. Remember that. Do you want to be forgotten too?



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3 responses to “Are we forgetting the past?

  1. tanyaa x

    Agreeing 100% with you there.

  2. Bubblez

    Completely true tbh.

  3. harpz

    well said wifey xx

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